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If your employer treats you differently than other employees, it may be discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination

Age discrimination

Race discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination

Gender discrimination

Religious discrimination

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can be one of the most degrading experiences for a man or woman.

Sexual harassment

Illegal favoritism

Medical conditions

If you or a loved one has a medical or psychiatric condition, you have the right to be accommodated.

Physical disability discrimination

Mental disability discrimination

Medical leave harassment


“At will” is not a magic word. You can’t be fired for an illegal reason.

Wrongful termination

Whistleblower retaliation


Employees are often told they aren’t eligible for overtime pay. The law says otherwise.

Unpaid commissions

Overtime | sales

Overtime | managers

Overtime | administrators

Overtime | professionals


Don’t sign an employment contract or severance agreement without legal counsel.

Severance negotiation

Contract negotiation